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          TA Games Studio,established in 2007. an International games development services studio headquartered in Shanghai,China. With a focus on the Computer & Video Games Industry. TA Games staff possess over 10 years work experience with award-winning E3 hits for their previous productions.

          We offer full services range including concept art, modeling, animation, level creation and technical services. As a competitive outsource studio, we are confident in both craft and technique. Our artists are familiar with various 3D tools and Game editors. Our craft impressive client in always, and they are the very way of raising our reputation.


    Studio Qualification:

    • Excellent Coordination

    • Professional Staffing

    • Multi-Platform Projects

    • Efficient Communication

    • AAA projects experience


    Studio Advantage:

    • Animation Creation

    • 2D Concept Creation

    • 3D Character Creation

    • 3D Environment Creation




    TA Games aims to be a Top Art development partner

    by providing Triple-A world class games art

    to developers and publishers worldwide.



    • Passion

    • Positive




    Shanghai | Suzhou | Chengdu|Qingdao|Xi‘an

    Add:Suite101,Building C,Sportloft Creation Park Block Y ,No.600 Tongxin Rd. Shanghai,CHN.



    Add:Suite701,7F Yinlian Outsoucing Building ,Dongpin St.288,Suzhou.CHN.



    Add:Suite1308,BlockB AVIC International Plaza Building.No.777

    Yizhou Rd.Chengdu. CHN.


    Add:Suite666,10F D&D Fortune Center.No.182

    Hai'er Rd.Qingdao. CHN.



    2D Concept | 3D Model | Animation | FX

    If you would like to check the portfolio of our work,

    Please do not hestiate to contact with:Vincent@tagames.studio

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    TA Games Silk Road Overland Journeys





    TA Games Silk Road Overland Journeys





    Christmas Party

    TA Games (QD)






    Christmas Party

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    Christmas Party

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    TA Academy Is Coming


       为了企业内部人才储备和后备力量;为了帮助希望从事游戏美术行业的专业人才。TA Academy (TA 学院)正式于2018年11月22成立。通过半年的基础练习和项目实战强训。能顺利无缝对接正式项目制作。避免纸上谈兵的空洞教学。使学员能更快的掌握次世代模型制作技能和真实项目的规范要求、艺术风格等审美能力。(详情请进Training板块)






    TA Games (CD) Team Building





    TA Games (SH)Team Building



    TA Games Qingdao Studio is Opened



    Qingdao, located in the southeast part of Shandong Province, is a beautiful seaside city with clear air and enchanting sea view. This city, bordered by the Yellow Sea on two sides, has the largest bathing beach in Asia and produces the mellow Qingdao Beer. To the east of the city, a short distance across the Yellow Sea, lie Korea and Japan, making the city an important port for international trade.

    For thirty three years, up to 1949, Qingdao was a colony of Germany . Thus, it has a great deal of European architecture. This foreign architecture -a remnant of the colonial past- now beautifies this seaside city.

    The red roofs, green trees, blue sea, and azure sky form a bright and colorful picture of Qingdao. The city is sometimes known as the Switzerland of the Orient.

    Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Qingdao attracts many tourists with its charming seascape. Sights like the Eight Passes Villas, Wusi Square, the Zhan Bridge, Mt. Laoshan, No.1 Bathing Beach, Badaguan Scenic Area will help you remember the city. Just walking on the sand and listening to the surf breaking on the beach becomes enjoyable.

    Qingdao offers food with distinctive flavors--especially seafood. So take this chance to enjoy the delicious seafood. Also, the city is the home of the famous Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer. Have a bottle of pure Qingdao Beer right here!

    The Qingdao Municipal Government recognizes the importance of the tourism industry and has further plans to develop the local tourism. To enhance the tourism industry, the city now sponsors the Qingdao International Beer Festival, the Qingdao International Sea Festival, Beach Culture Festival, the Sea Affection Festival, and the Summer of Qingdao Festival.

    In cooperation with the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Qingdao held the Sailing Competition in the Olympic Games in 2008. This great event brings a great opportunity for this charming city to.




    舌尖上的TA Games ;)

    Dragon Boat Festival & Birthday Party





    BBQ Party

    Shanghai Next-Gen Environment Artist Team Building





    Crayfish Food!

    Next-Gen Character Team-building





    Crayfish & Sea Food! Yummy~Yummy~~~





    Animation Team Building





    Happy Chinese New Year!

    TA Games SH Annual Party





    TA Games CD Annual Party





    Merry Christmas






    Team Building Chengdu Studio


    Zhegu Mountain & Qiang Tibetan Ancient Village




    Team Building on Sep.2017

    NG Team Building on Oct.2017

    Let's rock together!






    Go arross Kumutak Desert

    Team Building on Aug.2017

    SH Animation Team & PM Team

    Team Building on Jul.2017

    SH Animation Team

    TA Games Upgrades The Logo
       TA Games starts to use a new logo from now on in order to avoid confusing our clients over similar logos.
        The now logo is made up with letter "T" and "A",it stands for Top Art and Triple-A class services.

    The sharp shape looks like a mysterious and ancient totem,also like an authority mark and a spear.

    which is encouraging us to achieve TA Games' duties and fighting for the quality and clients.

    PS,All of their copyrights belong to TA Games Studios.

    Team Building on June,2017

    Team Building of Leaders

    Models of our 4 teams

    TA Games would choose the best several guys from every team by the end of the month. It depends on his/her performance and conrtribution for his/her team during the month.In this way,we could inspire other Artists to look them as a model and learn from them later.

    NG Environment Team of Shanghai Studio

    NG Environment Team has involved three console games art assets creation this month.What these talented guys did meet our clients' requirement and art direction.also gained positive and appreciated feedback from the clients.

    Team-Building of NG Charater Team

    Team-Building of Animation Team of Shanghai Stuido


    Team Building on May,2017

    Team-Building of NG Environment Team

    Birthday Party on May.2017

    Sketch Training Club

    Team-Building on Oct.2016



    Shanghai Annual Outing on Sep.2016

    Chengdu Annual Outing on Sep.2016

    Merry Christmas on Dec.2011


    Talented Artists are welcome!

    Please contact with hrm_sh@tagames.studio

    Lead Concept Artist




    • Comfortable to using principles of art and graphic design to create various art styles and wide visual range set by art directors with development teams.
    •  Quick creation and design of environments, architectures, characters, vehicles etc. from concept art to detailed final illustration based on the ideas presented by art director with development teams.


    • Great sensitive of static and dynamic imagination.
    • Better understanding of game’s creative pipeline and restrictions.
    •  Strong sensitive of color schemes, palette, theory and atmosphere setup. Strong understand of structures, architectures and anatomies for both of organic and mechanical themes.
    • Strong understand of various materials, nature or man-made.
    • Comfortable to using any digital software such as photoshop, sketchbook even the 3d tools to implement the concept art till the detailed final illustration.
    •  Solid 3 years of relevant experience in the game development industry.

    Next-Gen Character Artist




    • Creating compelling 3D models, hand painted /Next-Gen textures and set pieces, for use as in game assets. 
    •  Work closely with the senior art team and the concept team to ensure consistency between the concept and final 3D assets. 
    • Participate in the constant improvement of asset production methods and techniques. 
    • Maintain a high level of quality while working with design constraints and balancing performance issues. 


    •  2+ years’ experience in a similar role creating 3D game assets
    • Excellent traditional skills as it pertains to painting/drawing, compositing, texturing 
    • Strong knowledge of anatomy and structure 
    • Possess classical foundation, including the effective use of color, contrast, composition and concept 
    • Strong Communication and Teamwork Skills
    •  Experience with 3DS Max /Maya/Substance & ZBrush
    •  Experience in Unity/Unreal
    • Traditional Art background 

    Next-Gen Environment Artist




    • Responsible for modeling & texturing various modes of environment assets specifically, building and props.
    • Use 3DSMax while maintaining polygon budget, platform restrictions and technology limitations. 
    • Cooperate with other teams outside graphics as necessary to bring tasks to completion;
    • Continuously learn new graphics tools and processes in line with the requirements; 


    • Degree holder majoring in Architecture, Design, BFA degree in Art related field (Graphic Design, 3D Modeling)

      - Minimum 2 years art production experience - preferably creating art for western realistic style video games

      - Experience using art 3D development tools (Maya&Max, Photoshop, Substance, Zbrush etc.) in a production environment

      - Experience using Next-gen develop engines (Unreal, Crisis etc.)

      - Commitment to personal and peer development and sharing best practices

      - Proactive problem solver investigating all facets of issue to seek resolution

      - Organized and detail oriented able to focus on quality AND deadlines simultaneously

      - Task driven with good time management skills, ability to work independently as well as a good team player

      - Passion for creating and playing video games

    Animation Director



    • To work as part of a multi-disciplinary, multi-studio development team to design, prototype and develop AAA quality video games on new-generation consoles and PC
    • To create high quality animation content for real-time and interactive game features that meets artistic, technical and gameplay requirements.
    • To support the Lead Animator and Production staff in the planning, estimation, scheduling and production of animation features as required, helping to ensure they are delivered on time and to expected levels of quality.


    • Excellent animation skills and ability to apply them to video and PC game development
    • Experience working with high-fidelity motion capture and realistic, dynamic human movement advantageous
    • Strong practical understanding and ability to create and edit animation graph / node systems (e.g. UDK, Cry Engine, Morpheme) would be a great asset
    • An eye for detail and a passion for design, creativity and quality is essential;
    • Collaborative, enthusiastic and supportive attitude combined with flexibility and ability to adapt to rapid change
    • Task driven, self-motivated, excellent time management skills;
    • Excellent communication skills are essential;

    Project manager



    • Work with Clients to clarifier their requirements, quality standard, scope, timeline, budget, workflow (pipeline) for outsourcing production.
    • Well understand the project milestone, define deliverable schedule, daily planning.
    • Ensure that the communication runs well btw different teams.
    • Provide the date to Clients and manage feedback and modification; tracking the quality; ensure that the production can meet the project‘s milestone.


    •  A minimum of 2 years experience game production.
    •  Knowledge of art production process, project management, and resource management.
    •  Able to motivate your team to achieve good result within the timeline given.
    •  Exceptional communications skills (written and verbal) in English and Chinese.
    •  Well organized 
    •  Good sense of priority and risk management 
    •  Motivated to work with the team in different time zones
    •  A passion for video games
    If you are interested,please send your portfolio to:

    Business Director



    • Team leader with significant international experience in business development, marketing strategy, strategic partnership development 
    • Identify business development opportunities with the view of increasing revenue within the region
    • Oversees the channels development and working with partners to increase revenue.
    • Accurate management of monthly sales forecast and ensuring performance to meet goals.
    • Manage the sales cycle from lead to close, and ensuring accurate updates in CRM update and usage.
    • Communicate to customers about product schedule,buget,pipeline,deadline.
    • Work with PM to provide the data to clients based on schedule.
    • Requirements
    •  A minimum of 3 years experience game production.
    •  Knowledge of art production process, project management, and resource management.
    •  Able to motivate your team to achieve good result within the timeline given.
    •  Exceptional communications skills (written and verbal) in English and Chinese.
    •  Well organized 
    •  Good sense of priority and risk management 
    •  Motivated to work with the team in different time zones
    •  A passion for video games

    T A 学院 内训生招募

    Next-Gen Character Artist



       这是一项6个月的培训项目。公司将会安排最有资历/经验的 次世代角色总监进行指导及管理授课。如果培训生能够顺利 完成我们的培训课程并通过我们的最后测试,将有机会参与 到高水准的次时代游戏项目中。


    2)了解游戏制作,使用过建模软件和绘图工具 (PS.Max.Maya.MD)



    Animation Artist




       这是一项6个月的培训项目。公司将会安排最有资历/经验的 动画总监进行指导及管理授课。如果培训生能够顺利 完成我们的培训课程并通过我们的最后测试,将有机会参与 到高水准的动画游戏项目中。



    2)了解游戏制作,使用过动画软件 (Max.Maya.)



    Next-Gen Environment Artist





       这是一项6个月的培训项目。公司将会安排最有资历/经验的 次世代场景总监进行指导及管理授课。如果培训生能够顺利 完成我们的培训课程并通过我们的最后测试,将有机会参与 到高水准的次时代游戏项目中。



    2)了解游戏制作,使用过建模软件和绘图工具 (PS.Max.Maya.BP.PBR.)



    Project manager



       这是一项3个月的培训项目。公司将会安排最有资历/经验的 项目经理进行指导及授课。如果培训生能够顺利 完成我们的培训课程并通过我们的最后测试,将有机会参与到我们知名的游戏项目中负责和客户的对接。


    2)本科以上文凭。(会计、美术、英文专业 优先)





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